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aston martin lagonda i series Archives


By March 29, 2022

The Rare Rides series has covered all generations of Aston Martin’s four-door Lagonda except a. In the sixties, the Lagonda Rapide helped define the super saloon class: a grand touring car capable of easily transporting four passengers and their luggage across continental Europe.

Then there was the end 70s lagoonwhich had a long production run until 1990. Electronically advanced, this Lagonda was too ambitious and has generally earned its reputation as a beautiful and costly disaster. Finally, there was the Lagoon Taraf, a large sedan designed specifically and cynically for the UAE market. It was built to extract as many dollars as possible from oil barons and the like. Big success!

But between Lagonda Rapide and Lagonda was a missing link. It was called the Lagonda Series I and is the rarest Aston Martin Lagonda ever made. And one is for sale.

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