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Classic Car Centenary Celebration to Raise Funds for South West Healthcare | The standard

Classic Car Centenary Celebration to Raise Funds for South West Healthcare |  The standard

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The lifesaving equipment will be delivered to Warrnambool Hospital through charity. Warrnambool has been chosen as the venue for the Austin Sevens 100 year celebrations next month, and South West Healthcare will receive proceeds from the event. The money will be invested in a new $43,800 rapid infusion pump for the operating theaters at Warrnambool Base Hospital. The equipment is helping to save the lives of trauma patients who have only minutes to live, said Chris Toone, director of the SWH Operating Rooms Associate Nurses Unit. “To be able to provide optimal services in this region, we have to have something like this, otherwise we are talking about sending these people to bigger hospitals,” he said. “It’s an integral part of what we do. This equipment is extremely expensive, it’s not something that we can just pull money for, you know, a black hole and these types of events give us the ability to purchase equipment that we otherwise would have to wait a long time to be able to achieve. “It works by rapidly delivering large volumes of warmed blood and fluids to replace blood lost to trauma. In South West Victoria, this life-saving intervention is most often used for the likes of accidents road and farm and childbirth emergencies.In the past month it has been used up to five times at Warrnambool Base Hospital.The latest rapid infusion pump was purchased there over 10 years ago. “That stuff gets stale very, very quickly. Mr. Toone said. “Ours is getting a little slow and it’s not running as efficiently as it used to be and anyway Obviously, we don’t want to put the community at risk of potentially not having absolute lifesaving equipment.” Two vintage Austi n Seven cars were on display outside the hospital to promote the event on Monday. Owner Robert Baudinette is part of the organizing committee of the April 12 event to be held at Fletcher Jones Gardens. Beginning at noon, the show and shine event will allow the community to get acquainted with a piece of history. “It’s a national gathering, with people coming from all over Australia,” Mr Baudinette said. “There will be a huge range of cars that have literally been made all over the world, including BMWs and Holdens, but especially Austin Sevens, going back 100 years. We had to fight to get it here at Warrnambool, we have did a great job of getting him here and it’s clear Warrnambool has everything for a rally like this.” An entry donation of gold coins will be collected to raise funds for Warrnambool Base Hospital. The six-day rally will start on April 9 and will pass through Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Port Campbell and Camperdown. More information: IN OTHER NEWS Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: