Cleveland County reps tout accomplishments over breakfast

(L to R) Kelly Hastings, Tim Moore and Ted Alexander are seen at the recent Legislative Breakfast.

After what was the longest legislative session in state history, lawmakers across the region had plenty to brag about at a recent event at the LeGrand Center.

The Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce hosted a Legislative Breakfast on Monday, allowing state Representatives Kelly Hastings and Tim Moore and state Senator Ted Alexander to brag about their accomplishments and take questions from local elected officials. and business owners.

Among the most notable accomplishments of the session is passing the state’s first comprehensive budget since 2019. That budget, Moore said, saw more than $150 million invested in projects across Cleveland County.

“That amount of money was never brought back to this county,” Moore said. “I would expect that we would see more money – maybe not that much – brought in this year.”

Moore credited local elected officials, as well as city and county leadership, for making these investments of public funds feasible.

Tim Moore speaks during a legislative breakfast at the LeGrand Center on Monday.

“Management here is very committed. We don’t see that in every community in the state. And that’s important because when everyone’s rowing in the same direction, we have a united front and that’s what time that companies are interested in coming here,” he said. “Everyone here has had a tough time. We’ve seen jobs go. We’ve seen buildings shuttered and shuttered. We’re now seeing a period of unprecedented growth in this county and region.”