Husband is always late for dinner despite having a full hour to relax after work, desperate wife breaks down and throws her meal in the trash

Husband is always late for dinner despite having a full hour to relax after work, desperate wife breaks down and throws her meal in the trash

Who cooks at home can be a contentious issue in many relationships. The issue isn’t just about food: it’s about respecting your partner, dividing household chores fairly, and using your creativity to go beyond “oh, I don’t know, what’s you you want to eat?’ And it can be demotivating to realize that the person you cook for every day doesn’t even appreciate your efforts.

Redditor u/Tart-Large opened on the ongoing tense situation At her place. She took advice from the AITA Reddit community on whether or not she was wrong to throw away her husband’s dinner. He was chronically late to sit at the table, and she finally broke down: it was the last straw. However, this caused quite the argument between the married couple.

You can find the full story in the editor’s own words below. Scroll down to read what happened and how people reacted. When you’re done, tell us your verdict in the comments, Pandas: who do you think was the jerk in this story? What do you think the couple should have done next?

It hurts when your efforts behind the stove are not appreciated by your loved ones. Especially when you’re the only one cooking

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An editor has shared what finally made her snap and throw her husband’s entire dinner in the trash

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The redditor had a small update for the AITA community later

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Ultimately, this whole situation seems to be more about control in the relationship itself rather than eating food. The woman has no time to relax. Meanwhile, her husband seems to take all of her efforts for granted. He doesn’t show at all that he appreciates her cooking for both of them, from the job.

Things took a turn for the worse when the husband was once again late for dinner, despite the couple having decided on a specific time to eat.

The wife finally had enough and threw away her dinner when he was 5 minutes late. She made it very clear that she had had enough and would not tolerate his disrespect any longer. He couldn’t keep his promises. He couldn’t bother to intervene. And the woman finally drew a line in the sand. To be fair, however, the redditor noted that the husband does his fair share of other chores.

The vast majority of writers were very supportive of the woman and urged her to identify the exact issues she has in the relationship. They also suggested that she should have a very serious conversation with her husband about what is bothering her. However, some editors had a different opinion and believed that no one was blameless in this particular case.

According to certified relationship coach Alex Scot, dividing up household chores is a necessity. “If one partner consistently does the majority of the work, it usually leads to that partner feeling like a nanny,” she said. bored panda earlier.

One way to do this is to have an open and honest conversation about which tasks both partners love and which they hate with burning passion.

“For example, I don’t mind cleaning the toilet, but I hate vacuuming, so my partner is the one who vacuums and I’m the one who cleans the bathroom. For any tasks that both partners don’t want to do, take turns. It will vary from couple to couple, but the goal here is to keep communication open, fair and realistic for everyone’s schedules,” the coach suggested.

However, if things get heated and you find yourself in an argument, you can start to mend the fences by getting physically closer. The relationship expert suggested a hug or a kiss. “Even if you don’t feel like hugging or kissing your partner after an argument, as soon as you can bring yourself to it, go for it. Your nervous system will thank you because it regulates itself with your partner’s nervous system by detecting his heart rate and breathing.

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