Kyle Gallner talks about having the balls to shove it at dinner in America

Kyle Gallner Talk Dinner in America

dinner in america hits theaters on May 27 and on VOD on June 7, and it was about time! The delicious offbeat comedy started racking up critical acclaim at Sundance 2020, but it’s only the first time it’s getting the release it now deserves and I highly recommend everyone get a kick out of it. the best part.

movie stars Kyle Gallner and Emily Skegs like Simon and Patty. After a small incident involving arson, Simon is on the run from the cops and very lucky to run into Patty when he does. While Simon refuses to let anyone push him around, Patty is often bullied and very reluctant to stand up for herself. Their chance meeting sets off a series of misadventures that continue to prove that Simon and Patty are the perfect unconventional couple who truly see and love the people they are.


With dinner in americaThe well-deserved release is coming fast, Gallner took the time to reflect on his experience making the film, a bold film that only works if everyone involved is willing to go to extremes with this story and these characters.

Gallner has certainly made an impression with a number of forgettable titles over the years, but none have let him go as far as dinner in america. He noted: “Even though Simon is probably closer to me than a lot of these other people I’ve played with, it still took me a bit of time to figure out how to really bring him to his maximum and there. to stay.” Simon operates at 11 when dinner in america opens, and there is almost the entire film. Galler added:

“The challenge was just having the balls to push him, and also not questioning pushing him and getting him there and then realizing, ‘Oh, that’s not still far enough.’ It’s almost this mental game of, “How could this go any further?” And it’s like, ‘Well, it has to!’ You have to go. So it was the challenge of knowing when far wasn’t far enough and knowing that you have to even push further, and be comfortable with that.

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A key element for Gallner to feel comfortable going there? His co-star, Emily Skeggs. Here’s how he described his approach to working on set:

“Emily is fearless and worked so hard to create Patty. And honestly, I think in the wrong hands, Patty could have been an absolute disaster. I think it’s such a difficult role and I think what she actually was amazing. I mean, she found exactly who she was meant to be. She didn’t push too far one way or the other. She was such the embodiment of this amazing person, you know “She was so fearless she pushed me every day and we trusted each other. We were each other’s safety nets. I knew if I was going to try something and if I was going to try to push it too far as I could go, Emily would be there to grab me, and be there, and either do with it or whatever, so I felt very safe with Emily, which for a movie like this is incredibly important because these characters are so big. They are so exaggerated in many ways. respects, but also very ingrained in the fact that you have to be 11 all the time, unless the movie doesn’t work. If you’re scared and you’re holding yourself back or your scene partner is holding back and you’re not getting them where they need to go, then this movie isn’t working.

Not only dinner in america work, but it works exceptionally well. Simon and Patty’s behavior is often outrageous and shocking, but it’s outrageous and shocking with purpose and also a significant amount of heart. Don’t miss the film in theaters May 27 or on VOD June 7. And if you want to hear more from Gallner about his experience directing the film, be sure to check out our full conversation in the video interview at the top of this article!

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