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Marjorie Taylor Greene, homophobic, attacks Pete Buttigieg

A close up of Marjorie Taylor Greene grimacing.

A close-up of Marjorie Taylor Greene grimacing.

Georgia Representative and nightmare human Marjorie Taylor Greene has been lambasted for her offensive homophobic rant against former presidential candidate and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The deeply fanatical Trump Republican was speaking at a Trump rally in Georgia, where she raved about Trump conspiracy theories and talking points, saying, “You know what? Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bike, and he and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathroom. Yeah.”

This is a deeply ignorant statement made by the deeply stupid MP, who previously equated mask mandates with the Holocaust and called Hitler’s Gestapo a gazpacho police. Greene isn’t the only Republican to go after Buttigeig: Tucker Carlson previously attacked Buttigieg and her husband for take paternity leave to care for their newborn twins.

Greene’s bigoted vitriol is a mess of hate speech and inconsistency, similar to all the speeches of Donald Trump and his ilk. What do electric cars and bikes have to do with bathrooms? Why would two gay guys want to go to the girls’ bathroom? Is Greene confusing her transphobia with her homophobia? It’s absurd and dangerous nonsense, and many people on social media have called out Greene for his hate speech.

Of course, this is nothing new from Greene, who positively overflows with ill-informed and bigoted opinions. But just like his colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert, who couldn’t even deliver a consistent comparison of Biden and King John of Robin Hood, Greene is so ignorant and cruel that she can’t even form an opinion that doesn’t come straight from a QAnon message board. The sooner this absolute garbage collector is kicked out of Congress, the better.

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