Mum refuses pal’s ‘weird’ food request – tells them to bring their own meal

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If you’re looking to meet your specific dietary needs at a dinner party, you should probably give more than a few hours notice.

They only gave the host a few hours notice (

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If you have specific dietary requirements, you will know how irritating and sometimes risky it can be to eat foods that you did not prepare yourself.

Of course, if you’re having a dinner party and people have dietary requirements, you expect them to tell you well in advance, right?


A woman was left furious when she received a message from two of her guests on the day of her meal, saying they were on different diets on different days of the weekend.

While they ate meat during the week, they decided to become vegan on weekends to reduce their carbon impact.

The furious mum took to Mumsnet to vent about the reckless behavior of her guests.

She wrote: “I am cooking for 10 tonight. 5 couples, in the group there is someone who has a nut allergy and someone who has celiacs, one of the couples just called to say they are doing vegan weekends to reduce their carbon impact…. They’re just checking that something tonight will be okay… I said it won’t, but they’re more than welcome to bring stuff. …Am I an unreasonable a**e?

Some might expect a sympathetic response for those following a vegan diet – but that sympathy did not come. Other Mumsnet users were equally baffled by the last-minute request.

The couple gave hours in advance that they don’t eat meat on weekends


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One wrote: “So they give you about 6 hours notice for a difficult food requirement? I would like to tell them to fuck off and not bother to come. Realistically, I would tell them to bring something for themselves.

Another pointed out how ridiculous their reasoning is, since they’re not full-time vegans. They typed: “Also how do they ‘reduce their carbon impact’ telling you the same day?!

“You’ve probably already bought the food – so it’s wasted AND you have to make another trip to the supermarket and back. I’d be tempted to point it out to them after a glass of wine later.

“Surely in their place, you would just swap Sunday and Monday as vegan days this week and enjoy the food offered tonight. Weird.”

“It’s up to them whether they want to eat vegan a few days a week. But with a few hours notice to the host, they can do this Monday and Tuesday instead,” one wrote.

Do you think she’s right to refuse to take care of them? Have your say in the comments section below.

Others really haven’t seen the fun of being told hours before, “Tell them you have a carrot in the fridge and you can pick a tulip from the garden for garnish.”

Many were quick to point out how illogical it was to demand the menu change at the last minute if they weren’t eating meat on the weekend. One wrote: “If they were true vegans, then that’s fine. Weekend vegans? They can get to f**k.

The original poster responded to the comments, saying, “I already replied and said no. Making sure I’m not going to poison someone or hospitalize them is my main concern.

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