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Randy Reed Obituary (1950 – 2021) – Seaside, CA

Randy Reed Obituary (1950 - 2021) - Seaside, CA

Randy Roseau
April 3, 1950 – November 10, 2021
Seaside, California
My Randy passed away peacefully on November 10, 2021 from complications of a heart attack he suffered in September. He was predeceased by his mother Jeanette, his father, CDR Richard (Dick) Reed, his brother, Terry, and his sisters Donna Gaye and Debi. He is survived by his wife Toni, his son Ricky Reed, his daughter Kristen, his granddaughters Marie Gonzales and Jordan Elle Trapp, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.
Formalities done, the party begins. Randy was born in Cuba at Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay (just like his sister Debi). As a naval family, they traveled extensively along the East Coast and across the country at least 6 times, moving every 1-2 years. Randy has always adapted and marveled at his new surroundings. Having received his second degree from the Naval Postgraduate School, Randy’s father received orders for Perth, Australia. Randy had fallen in love with the Monterey Peninsula and as a sophomore at Monterey High, Randy wasn’t leaving. His parents set up an apartment for him and Randy has been here ever since.
Randy graduated from Monterey High in 1968. In high school, Randy was known as a confident person and strong in his belief in good and evil (there was no gray with Randy).
Randy’s love for cars started with his first VW Bug which he traded in for his first Mini Cooper, the birth of a passion. It was the first of over 50 Mini Coopers over 52 years old.
Randy was attending Monterey Peninsula College and running the Carmel Drug Store on Ocean when the project was reinstated in December 1969, his number was 82. He joined the Army National Guard (on the advice of his father). He passed the enlistment exams and the recruiters pushed him to be an officer, he refused them. He did his basic and advanced training and went home.
Randy returned to his position as manager at Carmel Drug Store and began to seriously focus on learning cars and mechanical work. He started working for Structural Services in Marina (a construction truss company). He expanded his knowledge to include diesel engines, construction, truck driving, welding, vehicle painting and woodworking.
Randy moved into his forever home in Seaside in 1979 where he soon began working in his garage on cars for friends and neighbors. Word of his skills began to spread and he quickly became the “go to guy” for car maintenance and repairs. Randy has always had a Mini Cooper that was under some form of repair and/or restoration. Randy was completely self-taught and relished every challenge. He taught all of his clients and their children for years.
I met my Randy in February 1982 after moving from Spokane, WA. Our
love story began at the Boiler Room on Cannery Row as we danced to the Stones’ “Start Me Up.” Her dancing and those blue eyes and I was hooked. We attached ourselves at the hip from that point on. Three weeks later, I met Ricky. At 6, Ricky was looking for a mom, and after losing a son who died in the crib in 1978, I was looking for a son. Game done.
We got married on July 3, 1983, which was perfect because no matter where we were or what we were doing on our anniversary, we always had the next day off. For 38 years, we’ve spent our birthdays in 15 different places. How fun is it?
Randy discovered a new passion when he went to work for Tom Mallery at Antique Auto Restoration in Salinas. Working on pre-1972 cars simplified things and he thrived. After moving the store to Seaside, Randy offered Tom a buyout and Tom accepted. Randy was gone and running.
Randy’s tenacity, ability and knack for meeting any challenge has made him a force not only in classic cars, but also in antique and unique racing cars. It has become a notable favorite for many local and international car collectors. Its clients have participated in many events around the world. Even if there was a hiccup anywhere in the world, they could call him and he could diagnose and advise repairs over the phone.
Randy had been the backup mechanic for the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance since its inception, always making the store and its employees available during the 10 day event for emergency mechanical and body repairs. Randy has always focused on cars performing and showing off at their best.
Randy’s eternal rule was “the car dictates what needs to be done, not a wish list”.
He was known for being outspoken yet engaging with his clients. He liked to offer the nickel tour to new friends but especially to young people in the hope of arousing interest and curiosity for the art of restoration.
Randy was asked several times over the years which of the exotic cars was his and he would point to one of his minis and reply “I don’t need to own any of them, I can test drive them.”
Randy and Toni worked with Christie’s Auction House and then Gooding Co, Auction House for over 20 years in Pebble Beach, Scottsdale, AZ, and Amelia Island, FL. Toni worked with the office and orchestrated the cars on stage. Randy was the on-site mechanic and drove all the race cars on the stage as he was the only suitable one. We had so much fun, met some truly amazing people from all over the world, and made lifelong friends. The past 39 years have been an incredible journey and I will be forever grateful to have my Randy in my life. We traveled, we laughed every day, we held hands everywhere, we talked and laughed at dinner, and we were always polite to each other. We shared the same views on many things and debated many others.
Randy was a force in the vintage and classic car world as well as mine who will be missed by so many. He was a father, friend, confidant, incredible storyteller and mentor who left his mark on the many people who met him over the years. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be writing this for a very long time but here we are and my love to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing over the years.
There will be a celebration of life for Randy on May 3, 2022 at the Moose Lodge on Canyon Del Rey from noon to 3 p.m. All are welcome and encouraged to attend and share stories about Randy. Participants who wish to bring a car that Randy helped make special are encouraged to do so. There will be a section reserved for those who decide to bring their special cars.

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Published by Monterey Herald Obits on March 19, 2022.