Serena Williams’ Vegan Go-To Breakfast is a Grand Slam for the Planet

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Plant-based eating is on the rise – all of our favorite celebrities and athletes are adding plant-based foods to their lineups. Shay Mitchell, Torrey DeVitto and now famous tennis player Serena Williams present their favorite vegan snacks.

Williams partners with JUST Egga brand that brings vegan eggs to market, so consumers can always whip up their favorite egg recipes, from fluffy scrambled eggs to omelettes and quiches.

Serena Williams shares her protein-rich vegan breakfast

In the ad, viewers can see how the greatest tennis player of all time eats the “greatest eggs of all time.” Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slams, is shown at home with a team planning their day. From nutritionists, scientists, and personal trainers, she covers all her bases.

Williams is served a delicious breakfast sandwich, topped with plant-based folded eggs from JUST Egg. The narrator reveals the reason she eats plant-based eggs: her team “regulates her protein intake so she stays fueled for superhuman performance.”

However, in a recent Press releaseWilliams makes it clear that her mornings are not Actually start with scientists who organize his diet.

“I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t really have a scientist in my kitchen. It’s not that exciting in there,” she says. “But I have JUST Egg. I eat to live, so JUST Egg helps me feel better and perform better. But it’s also delicious – I don’t think my family can even taste the difference between JUST Egg and chicken eggs. I’m also all about the mission: how to make healthy and sustainable options available to everyone? JUST Egg makes a real difference, and I’m proud to partner with them and be a shareholder of the company.

Plus, Williams isn’t the only one who enjoys JUST Egg. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is also a partner in the company. And his ad features the actor scrambling eggs after completing a celebrity-exclusive workout routine. Both commercials are hilarious and both show us how easy it is to eat plant-based foods.

The power of herbal eggs

serena williams just egg
Photo: Just an egg

JUST Eggs aren’t just made entirely from plants. They are also cholesterol-free, contain 69% less saturated fat than a chicken egg, and depending on the product, contain 5 to 7 grams of vegetable protein per serving.

According to the press release, JUST Egg is helping save the planet, one egg at a time. The company has sold the plant equivalent of 250 million eggs, saving more than 9 billion gallons of water, avoiding more than 43 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse and save more than 13,000 acres of land.

Additionally, our research shows that making plant-based exchanges effectively reduces carbon footprint and water footprint. Specifically, making eco-friendly food exchanges can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 48%.

As we know, plant-based food has several advantages, both for the planet and for your health. Many dietitians claim that eating more vegan or vegetarian foods (and cutting out animal products) can reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

So if you’re looking for a quick and eco-friendly food swap, try adding vegan eggs to your lineup. They will refuel you and help you adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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