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Tesla begins limiting charging limits on ‘high-use’ superchargers

Tesla begins limiting charging limits on 'high-use' superchargers

Tesla drivers charging on the electric vehicle maker’s network of superchargers report that their battery charging limits have been set at 80% at some sites it says are in high demand.

Several Tesla owners – including this writer – received a message that Tesla had automatically limited their charging limit in recent days when connecting to superchargers, including Broadway in Sydney, Pacific Fair in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast and Knockrow in the North. NSW Rivers Region.

The Tesla Supercharge Network is one of Australia’s most extensive public DC fast charging networks and is restricted to Tesla cars only, unlike other charging networks that are open to everyone.

Tesla sites also have multiple charging points at each location – four, six or sometimes even eight – and its extensive network means Tesla is well established as Australia’s electric vehicle market leader. In 2021, Tesla accounted for six out of 10 electric vehicles sold locally (although waiting times have now extended to 2023.)

A number of Tesla owners commenting on the official Tesla Owners Club page on Facebook noted that this is the first time they’ve seen the charging limitations post, and that’s an indication of the increasing number of Tesla electric vehicles on the road.

“I actually needed to charge more because tomorrow morning I’m taking the SYD-QLD route,” said a Tesla owner who needed to charge before a road trip, noting that the setting can be overridden if needed. .

Charging Tesla electric vehicles at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach. Image: Bridie Schmidt

“But this is actually the first time in 3 years that I’ve seen the Broadway supercharger fully loaded, 3 more destination chargers and a Chargefox were busy and another Tesla was waiting… The outcome or electrification I guess “, they said.

I was on Broadway last week. I thought it would be quiet in the middle of the day. All stands are full and 3 waiting! Definitely more Teslas on the road,” another Tesla owner said.

When this author visited Broadbeach in Queensland on Saturday, all but one stall was also full, and by the end of the session another Tesla owner was ready and waiting to take the place.

Nigel Raynard, who operates a Tesla limo service in Northern Rivers and has traveled nearly 500,000 km (on a set of brake pads) in his Tesla Model S since buying it in August 2018, says he also saw the message for the first time this week at the Knockrow and Broadbeach facilities.

He agrees the new message is indicative of the growing demand for supercharging as more Tesla owners start traveling again after two years of lockdown – and that’s a good move with so many new EV owners on the road.

“It’s smart when you think about it,” he says, because new homeowners with a 100% charge limit at home might not think of lowering the limit to 80% to make sure they don’t sit in the pit longer than necessary (the last 20% charge takes much longer because charge rates are limited to protect battery health).

“If by default, it brings them back to 80%, they will advance a little earlier,” he points out.

Coming soon: Why it’s a bad idea to charge 100% at public charging stations.