Tiger Woods once revealed what exactly happens during the Masters Champions Dinner: “People are hammering each other…”

Tiger Woods once revealed what exactly happens during the Masters Champions Dinner: "People are hammering each other..."

The Champion’s Pre-Masters Dinner at Augusta National Golf Club is probably one of the most iconic gatherings around. All of the past winners sit down with that year’s reigning Masters champion, in what is an epic encounter. However, Tiger Woods, one of the household names at the Champions Dinner, once revealed what usually happens at the Champions Dinner.

The 15-time major championship winner spoke about the same in an interview in 2020. In an interview via video conference amid a lockdown, he spoke to Golf Digest’s Henni Zuel. Notably, Tiger talked about adjusting to the lockdown lifestyle, staying inside his house with his family, and much more.


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The World Golf Hall of Famer also spoke about the Masters Dinner, which is held every year before the major championship event. The former champions attend the meeting and the players relax before the start of the event.

December 19, 2021; Orlando, Florida, USA; Tiger Woods reacting to Cameron Kuchar draining a long putt on the 17th green during the final round of the PNC Championship Golf Tournament at the Grande Lakes Orlando course. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Woods explained how difficult it is to get into the diner club in question. He also gave some insight into how needling happens during Champion’s Day.

Tiger Woods throws truth bombs at champ’s dinner in Augusta

The former world No. 1 spoke about the same when Henni asked him what he missed from the 2020 Masters. Tigre said, “I was telling my kids and Erica last night that yesterday was a special day at the Masters because it’s the hardest club to fit into this dinner. And the stories that are told, the needlings that happen. I was lucky to have Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson still alive when I won.

He added, “So I missed the needling that’s going on. People are hammering each other with jabs, and they’re priceless. You know and they come back and they compare winning so-and-so in the 50s to what point it was more difficult in the 2000s and we go back and forth.


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Woods’ words prove the surreal experiences a professional has at dinner. It also shows how friendly banter between past winners at Augusta National Golf Club happens during the amazing party.

What was the 2022 champions dinner menu?

The Masters 2022 dinner of championswas host to defending champion, Hideki Matsuyama. He won the major championship in 2021. Appetizers included an assortment of sushi, sashimi and nigiri. Miso Glazed Black Cod and Miyazaki Wagyu were next.


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For dessert, the champions had Japanese strawberry shortcakes. That being said, what do you think Scheffler will have on his master’s dinner? Let us know in the comments below.

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