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Who is MasterChef Season 12’s Michael Silverstein? The contestant lost more than 80 pounds in a year

Michael Silverstein (Images via Masterchef.fandom and chefmichael.keto)

Chef Season 12 is almost here and we are ready to try all the new recipes from the show. Michael Silverstein is one of twenty contestants to return to the show to win a staggering $250,000 prize.

Michael first appeared on Chef in season 10 and was ranked 15th on the show. He was never at the bottom of a challenge until Week 6 when he was eliminated.

On Chef contestant Michael Silverstein

Michael Silverstein, 34, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He did his undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University. He was a real estate flipper before he entered the kitchen world and appeared on Chef.

In an interview with Medium, Michael revealed he decided to make a career out of cooking when he started working at a local Italian restaurant at age 13. He stated :

“I remember watching the bustling kitchen go through a dinner service with absolute awe. If there’s one moment in my life that put me on the path to a career as a chef, it’s well then.”

In an interview with Beyondish, he revealed that he had fond memories of cooking with his mother as a child and often told his sisters that he would open a restaurant one day.

In the interview with Medium, Michael also revealed that he weighed over 300 pounds at the age of 30 and decided to lose weight naturally. He decided to make healthy changes to his diet by following a ketogenic diet. He said,

“I started the ketogenic diet and naturally, as a chef, I started developing Keto foods that I just wanted to eat. I was losing weight, feeling great, and creating delicious Keto foods. J I was therefore encouraged to share these recipes online to help others find the same success.”

He started posting photos and videos of his food on Instagram, which quickly gained a significant number of fans. He lost over 80 pounds in one year due to the diet. He is then spotted by Chef showmakers and that’s when he appeared on the show.

Michael moved to Texas after filming the series. He published his own cookbook, New Keto Kitchen, in 2020 in which he talked about different keto recipes that help in losing weight fast. Michael also believes in low carb diets. He is releasing his second book, New comfort food: home-style Keto recipes that won’t blow your belt or your wallet, in January 2022.

He currently has his own podcast, The conversation with Chef Michael, where he talks about weight loss strategies, keto diets and different food recipes. He posts his own recipes on his website and has been featured in many magazines like Good Day Austin, NPR and Delish.

More about Chef Season 12

America’s biggest food reality show is back and this time it’s officially titled MasterChef: back to victory and will feature contestants from previous seasons returning to compete for the $250,000 cash prize. Two of the contestants who return to the show after appearing on the junior edition of the show are Dara Yu and Shayne Wells.

Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich return to the show as judges. Shaun O’Neale, Christine Ha and Wolfgang Puck will appear on MasterChef Season 12 as guest judges.

The show will premiere on Fox on May 25 at 8 p.m. ET. Fans can also watch the episodes on the channel’s website after the TV premiere.

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